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What is "All Inclusive Pricing"?

We strive to keep our invoicing as simple as possible. If a guest has a transfer from Miami Beach to MIA, the invoice is $89 plus .70 in tolls for a total of $89.70.  There are no other additions.  No airport fee, no fuel surcharge, no STC or processing fees, no gratuity.

You won't see inexplicable line items on your invoice.  We strive to provide transparent pricing and a seamless luxury transportation experience.

Prices given on this site for transfers include the following:


15 minutes of boarding time at pickup. Airport domestic pickups include 60 minutes of waiting time, airport customs flights include 90 minutes.  FBO and private charter pickups include the same if the tail number is trackable, if not, the ride is billed as an hourly charter from the ride spot time.


Additional stops on transfers are billed at $20 and include 15 minutes of waiting time. We won't bill for a stop at a favorite coffee shop to pick up a guest's morning beverage on the way to the airport. That happened to me once and I was livid, especially since I treated the chauffeur to a coffee.

Waiting time over 15 minutes is billed at $1 per minute in 1 minute increments for LUX Sedans & LUX SUVs.  All other vehicles are billed at 1/60th of their hourly rate.  For example, if a guest was scheduled to be picked up at 12:00 PM for a ride to the airport and boarded the vehicle at 12:28 PM, the guest would be billed waiting time for the 13 minutes beyond the grace period.  

Tolls and parking and event parking charges are billed at the same rate the chauffeur pays.  The chauffeur will always use the Express Lanes unless specifically instructed otherwise.  MIA domestic flights are about $7 total, MIA Customs is about $10 total.  FLL parking is usually $3, tolls vary.  If a guest has a parking pass or other advance arrangements, we will honor them.  If premium event parking is needed, please contact us at 305.306.5466 and we will go over the options for a particular event or venue.

Hourly charters LUX Sedans and SUVs have a 2 hour minimum.  Limousines and Executive Sprinters have a 4 or 5 hour minimum, it is usually 5 hours on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday. All coaches up to 38 guests have a 5 hour minimum.  Coaches over 40 guests have a 5 hour minimum. The Rolls Royce LUX sedans have a 4 hour minimum.